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How do you do it all? That’s the question I get asked a lot and the truth of the matter is, I don’t. I absolutely do not do it all and it’s really not possible to (sorry if that’s ruined anybody’s illusion of what’s possible). There’s a reason why superman’s a fictional character right? I […]

How NOT to do it All

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I’ve just got back from a week away with the hubby and puppy and I have to say, I’m feeling so much better for it!   I love my work and I love connecting with you guys but sometimes, I find myself jumping between emails, facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. just trying to keep on top […]

The Art of Disappearing

Live Free

OK, I admit it.   My name is Laura and I talk to myself…….all the time.   I’m a serial self-talker. I even get into fights with myself and usually lose.   I can often be found talking to myself in public (embarrassing!) and when I catch someone’s eye, I try to pretend I’m just […]

What I’ve Learnt From Talking to Myself

Life wasting

I don’t know about you but as the dark nights draw in, I’m feeling exhausted by 5pm!   So I’ve been working on keeping my energy up by reducing the things which have been zapping it.   You know, the annoying things that half the time you don’t even notice as they’ve been there for […]

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