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You probably became a coach because you want to help fact, scrap became a coach because you want to help others. And I bet you're bloody good at it (or you wouldn't be here looking for more). But sometimes it feels like your coaching just doesn't go DEEP enough. Does this sound familiar? You go through the goal setting, you set the steps to take away, you make sure they're motivated but just feels like you're scratching the surface. This is where neuroscience comes a BIG way!

it might be because your coaching isn't going deep enough and working on a cellular level

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If you've ever thought "how do I stand out in the crowd whilst making a real impact", thenTHIS IS the way. I've watched the coaching world shift and grow over the last 12 years and clients are changing in their wants and desires. They now want to understand the science behind how and why coaching works and that's why neuro-based coaching is growing rapidly. It helps you to stand out in a crowded market place and it gets your clients better, deeper results. It's a win-win

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I'm all about setting up my body and mind to be the best it can possibly be to ensure it's on board for success. Here I share my top tips that I do every day

What your brain really needs to thrive

You'd be hard pushed to find me without my headphones in listening to an audiobook. Here are the 3 that have had the biggest impact on me!

The 3 Books that Changed My Relationship with ME

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If you're a coach and want to stand out in the market, this neuroscience diploma is for you!

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