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An extra day?

February 3, 2016

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Happy February!


It’s a new month, the nights are getting lighter and it feels like we’re starting to head towards the promise of spring (especially with all the daffodils out in flower!).


And this year is a leap year so we get one whole extra day. 24 hours of additional time to do exactly what you want to do.


So what if we all committed to doing something special for ourselves that day.


What if you were to book the Monday off and have it as a day for you.


Whether that be a pampering break, a day of shopping or just a day blocked out in your diary to do nothing.


It seems to me like it’s too much of a gift to not use this additional day for something special.


And me? My plan is to work my arse off over February to get my new programme launched and to take the 29th off to pamper myself rotten.


Because we tend to forget about ourselves.


We’re so preoccupied with everybody else’s needs and worries that we put ourselves at the bottom of the list.


So let’s commit to making the 29th February the day that we take for ourselves. Hell, it only comes once every four years – it’s hardly like you could be called selfish 🙂


I’ll be posting pics of my 29th celebrations on my FB page so please join in the fun and share yours too >>> Follow me here


It would be lovely to see how everybody’s spoiling themselves (unless your plan is to spend the day in the bath – we don’t need pictures of that!)


Have a great week!


Much love