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Episode 013: How to Create More Flow. Episode Overview: The culture that in order to be successful you have to force your way to the top, crush your competitors and give yourself a nervous breakdown on the way is not a healthy or necessary one and this in itself comes from a place of fear. […]

Episode 013: How to create more flow in your biz (and life)!

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Episode 007: Life Styling with Jess Farrell Episode Overview: Today I’m talking to Jess Farrell, founder of Life Styling who is all about making your life work for you.     She helps her clients organise their homes, wardrobes and minds to develop a soothing sense of control and create a simpler way of living […]

Episode 007: Life Styling with Jess Farrell

Take Control

Episode 006: Haters Gonna Hate Episode Overview: Is the thought of what other people might think and say about you stopping you from going after your dreams? I know this one! I’ve had to deal with a few haters in my time so today I’m talking about how we can reframe these negative comments and […]

Episode 006: Haters Gonna Hate

Live Free

Do you know that uncomfortable feeling you get when you see somebody doing something that you want to be doing but instead of grounding yourself and realising this is the case, you make a snap nasty judgement. Like when somebody’s wearing an outfit you secretly think they look good in and you’d love to be […]

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