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Dealing with mum emotions

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Dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of being a mum is exhausting! From the highs to the lows, the mum emotions get to us all. And although the supermum highs are loved, the lows are not. I promise myself everyday that I won’t let it happen but too often end up in the utility room snivelling […]

Riding the emotional mama rollercoaster

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I think we could all admit to making decisions based on fear and not what we actually wanted from time to time.   In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that for a lot of us, this occurs on a daily basis.   I know I’m completely guilty of […]

Is fear calling the shots?

Fear Fighter

OK, I admit it.   My name is Laura and I talk to myself…….all the time.   I’m a serial self-talker. I even get into fights with myself and usually lose.   I can often be found talking to myself in public (embarrassing!) and when I catch someone’s eye, I try to pretend I’m just […]

What I’ve Learnt From Talking to Myself

Life wasting

Last week I asked for help understanding what you’re really struggling with at the moment and it’s been great to hear all your comments.   Today I’m discussing one of these points in my first vlog below. Yup, I’ve gone all high tech and put it into a video!   The main theme that came […]

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