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October 27, 2015

POST: 7 books that changed my life

QUIZ: Is your brain optimised for success?

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Hi, I'm Laura — Training Neuroscientist, ICF accredited Coach and here to give you the science to help you succeed in business and life

Meet Laura

Last week I asked for help understanding what you’re really struggling with at the moment and it’s been great to hear all your comments.


Today I’m discussing one of these points in my first vlog below. Yup, I’ve gone all high tech and put it into a video!


The main theme that came out was questioning why people would listen to you.


I call it the “Why me?” syndrome and we all suffer from it. Why will people buy my services/ my goods/ listen to what I have to say?


Well lady, they 100% will! And I tell you why in today’s video.


So stick in your headphones and pretend you’re still working 🙂 Happy listening!


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