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Do you know that uncomfortable feeling you get when you see somebody doing something that you want to be doing but instead of grounding yourself and realising this is the case, you make a snap nasty judgement. Like when somebody’s wearing an outfit you secretly think they look good in and you’d love to be […]

This Triggered Me

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I know, I know. It’s a four letter word that’s thrown around waaaaaay too much these days but it really is an important one. Imagine who you’d be without it? Imagine what you and your partner would be like with less of it? Imagine if you were never able to feel it again?!?!? It’s unimaginable […]

I’m dropping the F-Bomb!

Live Free

Hey there, I learnt something this week which I had to share with you – it’s been a game changer in my mind and seriously, this means we’re not lazy – whoop whoop!!! Sooooooo I have always berated myself over procrastinating. That pile of papers that needs sorting, the washing that needs putting away, the […]

What it means if you keep Procrastinating

Fear Fighter

I feel like this relationship is a bit one sided and that just doesn’t seem fair.  It’s easy to read messages like this and forget there’s an actual human being on the other side of it. But here I am. Sitting at my desk talking to you. So, I wanted to ask you what’s the […]

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