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Mum Confidence

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How confident do you feel now you’re a mum? And I don’t mean how confident at being a mum, but how confident do you feel as a woman now that you are a mum? Mum confidence… what a thing! Having children is a wonderful thing. We get to see them grown, learn and see the […]

Confidence – how to find confidence when you feel shit

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OK, so my 3 year old definitely likes to keep me on my toes (and by this I mean running to the nearest wine shop to restock!). But what life lessons can we actually learn from a toddler? And by this I’m thinking more along the lines of being in the moment and less along […]

Life Lessons from a Toddler- what can they teach us?

Mum Emotions

Toddler Lessons

Dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of being a mum is exhausting! From the highs to the lows, the mum emotions get to us all. And although the supermum highs are loved, the lows are not. I promise myself everyday that I won’t let it happen but too often end up in the utility room snivelling […]

Riding the emotional mama rollercoaster

Mum Emotions

Dealing with mum emotions

Have you ever felt like you’re just waiting for somebody to point out that you don’t know what you’re actually doing? Classic case of Fakey Pants (or Imposter Syndrome as I should probably call it!) If you have ever… >>> Put down your success to luck >>> Believed that other people think that you are […]

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