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Imposter Syndrome (feel like a fakey pants?)

February 28, 2020

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Have you ever felt like you’re just waiting for somebody to point out that you don’t know what you’re actually doing? Classic case of Fakey Pants (or Imposter Syndrome as I should probably call it!)

If you have ever…

>>> Put down your success to luck

>>> Believed that other people think that you are better than you actually are

>>> Spent time worrying about what will happen when others find out that you know nothing about what you’re meant to know about

…then there’s a good chance that you have succumbed to the imposter syndrome.

This is way more widespread then you might think but how often do we actually admit to it?

Not feeling like we deserve to be where we are can lead to us not taking credit for what we have achieved and worse still, prevents us from moving forwards with new promotions, pay rises or even just putting our hands up and being heard.

So how can we feel truly comfortable with who we are when the fear of somebody calling us out has us running for the hills?

What running away from the imposter syndrome looks like!

You are where you are because you deserve to be there.

You have put in the hard yards and deserve what you have.

Not because of luck or chance but because of your own determination and hard work.

If you fear being called out as not knowing something, it stops you from stepping out and making bold moves.

It keeps you stuck playing safe.

So if you want to banish imposter syndrome for ever so its only fear that is running off into the distance than watch todays episode.

If you’ve ever suffered from imposter syndrome, then listen in…

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