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Episode 016: Using your knowledge with Hayley McDonnell Episode Overview: Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing with you an interview which I did with the lovely Hayley McDonnell a good few months back (she was actually the first person I interviewed for the podcast!). Hayley had been a teacher for over 21 years […]

Episode 016: Using Your Knowledge with Hayley McDonnell

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Episode 002: How to Transition from a Dreamer to a Doer Episode Overview: Although we love a good daydream here in Don’t Give Up The Daydream HQ, there is one key difference between a dreamer and a doer and let’s face it, it’s the doing that makes us successful. So in today’s show, I’m going […]

Episode 002: How to make the transition from a Dreamer to a Doer

Dream Big Live Free

Episode 001: Should you Give Up the Day Job or the Daydream? Episode Overview: In the first episode of Don’t Give Up The Daydream, I’m going to be diving into the essential questions you need to ask yourself if you’re undecided if you’re going to stick with your daydream of starting and making your business […]

Episode 001: Should You Give Up The Day Job or The Daydream?

Dream Big Live Free

Question time: What talent have you been hiding from the world?   You know, the thing that you’re really good at but you’re too scared to shout about?   We all have talents (yes, even you) that when we allow ourselves to shout them from the rooftops, open up a liberating, fun and passion-fuelled life. […]

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