Episode 016: Using Your Knowledge with Hayley McDonnell

December 3, 2020

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Episode 016: Using your knowledge with Hayley McDonnell

Episode Overview:

Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing with you an interview which I did with the lovely Hayley McDonnell a good few months back (she was actually the first person I interviewed for the podcast!).

Hayley had been a teacher for over 21 years when she decided enough was enough and went after her dream of starting her own business.

She has used the knowledge she has gained over her career to now run her own business consulting in SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural development) and has even written a book!

We talk about what was the final straw that made her go after her daydream, the struggles COVID posed on her new business, the mindset shifts she has had to make to keep showing up and the main tips she shares if you’re thinking about going all in with your business idea.

Episode Highlights:

Don’t miss out on the good bits:

{6:04} What made Hayley finally take the leap and start her own business 

{10:43} What helped her get through the scary bits

{16:34} Navigating the first few weeks as a full time entrepreneur

{26:08} How COVID effected her business and how she navigated this

{34:55} Hayley’s biggest advice to you if you’re wanting to get started

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