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Episode 001: Should You Give Up The Day Job or The Daydream?

October 12, 2020

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Episode 001: Should you Give Up the Day Job or the Daydream?

Episode Overview:

In the first episode of Don’t Give Up The Daydream, I’m going to be diving into the essential questions you need to ask yourself if you’re undecided if you’re going to stick with your daydream of starting and making your business a success, or if you’re going to keep/ go back to the day job.

To start a successful business you need to be committed to the long haul so it’s best to work through these questions now rather than wasting time and money on something you’re not that committed to.

And if you decide it is for you – hurray! I have tonnes of help and advice lined up over the coming weeks to help you make you Daydream your success story!

Episode Highlights:

Don’t miss the good bits: 

{1:36} The key question to ask yourself if you know you’re destined for more than your current reality

{4:09} Are you not going after your daydream because of fear?

{5:30} Why you need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable

{7:33} What to do if you’re not a Buddhist Zen monk

{10:58} How putting it all into perspective can make it easier

Links from the Show:

If you’re still unsure, click HERE and take the quiz to find out if you should give up your day job or daydream.

And come and join the conversation over in the private community The Daydreamers Club