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Are you the world’s best-kept secret?

November 17, 2015

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Question time: What talent have you been hiding from the world?


You know, the thing that you’re really good at but you’re too scared to shout about?


We all have talents (yes, even you) that when we allow ourselves to shout them from the rooftops, open up a liberating, fun and passion-fuelled life.


But the saddest thing.


A lot of us hide these talents away.


Scared that we’re not good enough to pursue them (you are) or that nobody wants to hear about them (they do).


We bottle them up inside and continue with our ‘sensible’ career as this is what people do, right?


But what if you allowed yourself to step into your place of genius and shout your passion out from the rooftop.


How would that feel?


What if you chose one person who you trust and told them of your secret desire?


Because, if you never tell the world what you have to offer, you may just remain the world’s best-kept secret.


If you don’t honour your true dreams of becoming that person you know you are, you’re keeping your talents from the rest of the world.


Just think of how many people you could help, inspire, reach out to if you did the thing that you’re most passionate about every day.


If you made your hobby your career, if you stepped out and told people that actually, you’re a damn good coach, yoga instructor, kick-ass entrepreneur, the next Nobel prize winning author.


Whatever it is that you’re truly passionate about.


Now think of the feeling you have when you tell somebody your current career.


Compare the two. What do you notice?


So if you need permission (you don’t) to tell one person today, I give you that permission.


Because there are plenty of people out there who want what you have to offer.


They want to hear you.


They’re waiting for you to speak.


So how can you stop from being the world’s best-kept secret?


What are you going to commit to doing today to get your voice out there?


I’d love to hear what your secret talent is so please do get in touch.


Until next time

Much love