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Episode 036: How to Tell Others What You Do Episode Overview: Imagine you’re at a party (do you remember what they used to be like???) and somebody asks you the dreaded question…   “So, what do you do then?”   Are you ready to give them your perfected elevator pitch or do you choke on […]

Episode 036: How to tell others what you do

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Episode 026: Taking Control of Your Life Episode Overview: Realising that you are fully in control of your life and your future can be both hard to swallow and incredibly empowering. If our reality doesn’t look like we want it to, it can be very hard to acknowledge that we are where we are due […]

Episode 026: Taking Control of Your Life


Episode 014: Creating Healthier Habits with Wendy Griffith Episode Overview: In todays show I had the honour of interviewing Health Coach to busy mums Wendy Griffith. Wendy specialises in helping mums create healthier habits in their lives so they can have the same energy as their kids. I love her straight talking but friendly advice and […]

Episode 014: Creating Healthier Habits with Wendy Griffith


Episode 012: Are You Destined For More? Episode Overview: If you have a nagging feeling inside that you’re not quite reaching your full potential, then this one’s for you. We can get so busy with life that we miss the fact that it’s not our life that we’re living. It’s the life we think we […]

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