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Episode 035: Magnetising Money Episode Overview: Money, money, money. How’s your relationship with the stuff?   Good, bad, ambivalent? We all carry stories about money and what it means to have it, want it, not have it, what rich people are like, poor people, if you get more what it will mean for you, what […]

Episode 035: Magnetising Money

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Episode 030: The F Word Episode Overview: So what’s stopping you from going after your dream? Time, money, ideas? I bet underneath that there are a few fears lurking too, right? In today’s episode I’m going to be talking to you about how to identify what our true fears are that keep us stuck and […]

Episode 030: The F Word


Episode 028: Manifest Like A MOFO Episode Overview: In this episode I’m sharing with you just one of my many crazy-can’t-explain-scientifically manifestations which I have encountered in my life. Seriously, I’ve seen it happen way too many times to have to believe in it even though the scientist in me is still looking for formulas […]

Episode 028: Manifest Like a MOFO


Episode 027: Where’s Your Upper Limit? Episode Overview: In today’s episode I’m talking all about your upper limit and what that actually is.   This is what Gay Hendricks talks about in his amazing book The Big Leap, which I can highly recommend and in it he explains that we all have a level that […]

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