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Episode 012: Are You Destined For More?

November 12, 2020

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Episode 012: Are You Destined For More?

Episode Overview:

If you have a nagging feeling inside that you’re not quite reaching your full potential, then this one’s for you.

We can get so busy with life that we miss the fact that it’s not our life that we’re living. It’s the life we think we should have or the one we think others think we should have. 

So in today’s episode I’m talking about what to do when you know you’re destined for more but don’t know how to go about working it all out.

Episode Highlights:

Don’t miss out on the good bits:

{2:10} When your external success > your internal success

{3:43} The constant internal battle

{6:36} Why this isn’t magic

{7:25} What to do if you don’t know what your dream is yet

{12:18} How to take the mask off

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