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Episode 010: For the Perfectionists

November 10, 2020

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Episode 010: One for The Perfectionists

Episode Overview:

Being a perfectionist can be worn as a badge of honour. But please trust me when I say that being a perfectionist has more to do with fear than high standards. 


It’s the fear of it not being good enough, of being judged, of not being worthy that stops us taking action and inaction is kryptonite to your business success.


So on today’s episode I am sharing with you one incredibly powerful but simple tip which can take you from a perfectionistic-nearly-did, to an amazing-action-taking success story.


Episode Highlights:

Don’t miss out on the good bits:

{1:47} How being a perfectionist is actually a sign of fear   {2:13} The 1 thing to stop perfectionism in its tracks   {3:17} Why this isn’t about putting rubbish out into the world   {4:12} The difference between having high standards and being a perfectionist  

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