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November 4, 2015

POST: 7 books that changed my life

QUIZ: Is your brain optimised for success?

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Hi, I'm Laura — Training Neuroscientist, ICF accredited Coach and here to give you the science to help you succeed in business and life

Meet Laura

I’ve been busy behind the scenes setting up a new course which will be launching soon and boy has it been busy!


I’ve noticed (and I know a lot of you feel the same) that the world just seems to be spinning faster.


24 hours is no longer enough!


So how about if I help you find some extra time in your day.


Would that help?


That’s exactly what today’s video is about.


And seeing as I know you’re too busy to read this, I’ve put it in a video so you can listen to it whilst you cook dinner with one hand and tidy up with the other because let’s face it, we’re masters of multitasking.



CLICK HERE to view this weeks video.


And when you’ve finished, please let me know how this video helped you. I love hearing success stories!


Until next time.


Much love