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Episode 036: How to Tell Others What You Do Episode Overview: Imagine you’re at a party (do you remember what they used to be like???) and somebody asks you the dreaded question…   “So, what do you do then?”   Are you ready to give them your perfected elevator pitch or do you choke on […]

Episode 036: How to tell others what you do

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Episode 032: The Benefit of Staying Stuck Episode Overview: Yes, you read that right. No, I’ve not gone mad. Hear me out. If we know that we are always trying to keep ourselves safe because, well that’s how humans have made it this far, it makes sense that staying stuck when we know we want […]

Episode 032: The Benefit of Staying Stuck

Take Control

Episode 030: The F Word Episode Overview: So what’s stopping you from going after your dream? Time, money, ideas? I bet underneath that there are a few fears lurking too, right? In today’s episode I’m going to be talking to you about how to identify what our true fears are that keep us stuck and […]

Episode 030: The F Word


Episode 028: Manifest Like A MOFO Episode Overview: In this episode I’m sharing with you just one of my many crazy-can’t-explain-scientifically manifestations which I have encountered in my life. Seriously, I’ve seen it happen way too many times to have to believe in it even though the scientist in me is still looking for formulas […]

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