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Episode 012: Are You Destined For More? Episode Overview: If you have a nagging feeling inside that you’re not quite reaching your full potential, then this one’s for you. We can get so busy with life that we miss the fact that it’s not our life that we’re living. It’s the life we think we […]

Episode 012: Are You Destined For More?

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Hey there, I learnt something this week which I had to share with you – it’s been a game changer in my mind and seriously, this means we’re not lazy – whoop whoop!!! Sooooooo I have always berated myself over procrastinating. That pile of papers that needs sorting, the washing that needs putting away, the […]

What it means if you keep Procrastinating

Fear Fighter

So, I’ve been spending my lockdown time effectively (?!?) by looking back over photos from last year because a whole host of things have happened in a year. As I was mindlessly scrolling through photos, I came across this one which made my tummy flip. This was me last year crossing the line at my […]

Tantrums and prosecco

Dream Big Live Free

Do you want to know the secret that successful people already know which means that you can get absolutely anything that you want? Does it all sound too good to be true? Well, that’s what the cynic in me thought too. But I promise you, this one small shift will change your life. Now this […]

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