Episode 005: Manifesting Your Dreams with Tendai Chagweda

October 22, 2020

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Episode 005: Manifesting Your Dreams With Tendai Chagweda

Episode Overview:

On today’s show I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the Vision Board Queen herself, the lovely Tendai Chagweda.

Tendai is a creative Vision Board Transformation Coach, Social Media Lecturer and DJ Teacher featured on TV, Radio and newspaper. With 25+ years of experience of using Vision Boards and The Law of Attraction, she assists others to transform their vision to reality to determine and achieve their purpose and personal and professional goals.

We talk about what manifesting actually is and how you can use it to go after the business and life you want as well as discussing what the biggest wins Tendai has had personally from her own use of vision boards as well as her clients.

So join me for this high vibe interview and I hope you have as much fun listening as I did interviewing her.

Episode Highlights:

Don’t miss out the good bits:

{2:16} What manifesting actually is

{14:38} Putting ourselves forwards because as women we tend not to

{17:08} How to get your first client

{21:14} Being in alignment with your assignment in life

{40:47} How to get started with Vision Boards today

Links from the Show:

Vision Board Workbook

Free Vision Boards Template 

Connect with Tendai on Instagram

Join Tendai’s Private FB Group: VisionBoarding With Quest4Success for 20Plenty