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January 11, 2016

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Seeing as this is the time of year when we make BIG promises to ourselves, I wanted to check in with what your promise to yourself has been.


Have you made the decision that this is the year that you’ll finally do what you’ve been thinking about for soooooo long?


Have you decided to take a leap of faith and start your own business just like you’ve been dreaming of for…. well, forever?


Are you finally just too fed up of dragging yourself into an office where you don’t want to be all day, every day and are ready to live as big as you dream?


Whatever your dream is, I really hope you’ve made this the year you go for it.


Because, if not this year, then when?


Bev James says that a lot of us live on Someday Isle.


Someday Isle leave this job and do what I want to.


Someday Isle start up my heart centred business and actually launch the damn thing.


Someday Isle actually break free of playing small.


The problem with Someday Isle, is that whilst it’s a comfy island where you can spend your days dreaming of what could be, you don’t actually put in place actions to make those dreams a reality.


You get marooned on the Isle for good and watch your dreams float past like boats.


And trust me, I know how that feels!


Before you know it, all the ships have sailed and you’re left stuck on a deserted island.


So let me ask you, have you checked into Someday Isle and if so, how long have you been a resident?


Now, when we think of our dreams, we have to make sure that they’re what we really want and not just something that would be nice to have.


Because if we really want them, we’ll be committed to action. Nice to have’s will stay exactly that…..nice to have.


So are your dreams “nice to haves” or “non-negotiable”.


If nice to haves, then Someday Isle is a nice resort to drift off to.


But if your dreams are non-negotiable, then cooling your heels here won’t get you to your final destination.


When will you finally take the plunge, dive into the crystal waters and swim after your dream boat?


Sure it’ll be a choppy ride but how exhilarating to finally get what you want rather than just dreaming about it.


2016 is the perfect year for you to go swimming.


It’s absolutely the best time to go after those big dreams and make them a reality.


So if you’re ready to make this the year and you want a bit of a helping hand, then let’s chat.


>>> Click HERE to book your free discovery call with me <<<


Working together, we’ll get you there a lot quicker and with a lot less stress!!!


Much love