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Ready to stick two fingers up at the corporate world?

July 7, 2015

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Hi, I'm Laura — Training Neuroscientist, ICF accredited Coach and here to give you the science to help you succeed in business and life

Meet Laura

Have you ever dreaded the question,


“So what do you do then?”


I did. I used to hate being asked this question when I met new people and then feel like I had to explain how I had actually found myself working in Finance.


You see, this was not me. This was not what I was meant to be doing. But somehow, I had just ended up here. I don’t really know how it even happened. I just seemed to wake up one morning and realised that this was my career.


And the thing was, I was ok at it. I mean, I wasn’t running up the ladder but I wasn’t hanging around.


So it came as a bit of a surprise to people when I made the decision to walk away from it.


But you know when you just have this feeling that there is more to life out there. That you are not doing what you are meant to be doing.


This is how I felt.


At first it was a fleeting, passing thought, but as time went on, it was an all-encompassing, mind engulfing knowledge that this was just not what I was meant to be doing.


Does any of this sound familiar?


You see, you get taught from an early age to be sensible. Get a sensible job, buy a sensible car, settle down with a nice, sensible man. I went along with this for a while but couldn’t help but think what a load of bullshit.


I wanted to live my life without putting barriers on it, without limiting what I could be.


But it’s scary stepping out of the box. I’m not going to lie. People don’t like it. They can’t understand it. Why would you give up such a good career?!?!?


What about (sharp intake of breath) your pension. And the mortgage. And your qualifications………..


And whilst yes, these are all considerations, they can also be used as excuses.


Sure, the corporate world gives lots of security. It generally pays well, good benefits, steady progression, etc. But what about all the things you give up for that.


Your health, your freedom, your evenings and likely weekends too? Missing family gatherings because you’re too busy (or too knackered), late cancellations of dinner dates with mates because that deadline has to be hit, arguments with your other half because you have to take it out on somebody and well, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Have you ever harboured the dream of getting out of the rat race and doing your own thing, stepping out of the box, sticking two fingers up to the corporate world and just having a go?


Have you ever wondered what is stopping you? Or do you believe that you don’t have the experience/ time/ money/ energy to do it? Because as much as this might seem to be the case, I can assure you there is always a way.


You just have to start. Just one baby step at a time. It really is that simple.


So, are you ready to stick two fingers up at the corporate world? Or have you already? I would love to hear your stories of escape so drop me a message below!