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Worried you are on the wrong path in life?

June 30, 2015

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Meet Laura

I used to be a morning person. I used to love getting up with the birds and getting ahead of the game, squeezing in a long run, dinner prep and a meditation session before most of the world had stirred.


But that changed. I will now do anything for another 10 minutes in bed, repeatedly snoozing my alarm. And it’s not because I don’t want to get up.I love what I do now.


There just seems to have been a shift in my brain.


I am writing this as my puppy has had me up since 4.30am and after eventually getting him back to sleep, I was dragging my tired arse back up the stairs when I thought, “How times change”.


It’s true isn’t it. One minute you are on this path that you are so sure defines you. You do things because you just always have. That’s who you are.


I was a morning person. I used to get the inevitable groans from my colleagues when asked what I had done that morning before work. It was me. I was happy with it. I was proud of it.


Sometimes it seems like your future is mapped out ahead like a beautiful long car journey where the destination has been set and you are on autopilot.


You may break the journey up with a series of pit stops (or holidays as we call them) but ultimately you are on course.


But sometimes, things change. It’s hard to look back and say exactly where that change started but suddenly the destination looks less appealing. Another route has caught your eye and that looks much more satisfying.


It’s not the easy route which meanders through the foothills, but the rickety mountain pass that winds its way up and over that huge summit that’s looming up in the distance.


The path that looks way more dangerous but way more fun on the other side. Suddenly the valley route no longer appeals.


And although it’s the safe one that all your mates are heading down, you can’t help but wonder what is over that peak.


When you have a mind shift and start viewing the world differently, it is hard to go back. Something that once seemed liked your everything suddenly starts to grate on you.


The novelty of something once so sacred in your heart, wears off and you are left with the reality.


This happens with careers all the time. You are happily going along on your chosen route, in convoy with the rest of the world, when a junction takes your fancy. Everybody else rides on by not even noticing this little turning but for you, the pull of what could be is too much.


You try to continue on your route but with one eye in the mirror at that turning, you take your foot off the gas slightly.


You try to keep motivated and making all the right sounds.


There’s a promotion coming up which has your name all over it, there’s a new project on the cards which is looking for a go-getter which was just made for you, there’s the networking event that you just have to go to because the new boss is going to be there and you just have to be visible.


All the things that before would have had you bouncing up and down like an unleashed kangaroo with your hand in the air shouting “pick me, pick me”.


But the promotion at work now signifies to you more work, more stress, less sleep, the new project means pretty much the same thing and you’d rather go home for a bath and an early night than schmooze with your co-workers out of hours.


You’re diligent so you keep pushing and pushing to hit that next target even though your heart’s not in it anymore.


It’s like the world is carrying on as normal all around you, your friends are continuing to strive in their exciting, fulfilling careers but you suddenly can’t get up in the morning.


You start to question your whole being. “Why is this happening now? But I’ve always being so motivated! I’ve always been that go-getter”.


Fear starts to creep in because there must be something wrong with you. I mean, nobody else is feeling like this. Right?


The truth is, we all change paths at some time or other in our lives. Some things stay constant and some evolve. Some people will stay in their chosen career their entire lives and be extremely happy.


But others see the world differently. They see that exciting mountain path and just cannot leave it alone.


Worried you are on the wrong path in life? Or have you already jumped onto your new route? I’d love to hear where your path is taking you right now. So get in touch below and tell me your story!