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Worried you can’t give up the pay cheque?

August 4, 2015

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Worried you can’t give up the pay cheque in order to follow your dream life?


I have been pondering over this question for a while now.


My first thought was, are the two mutually exclusive? Do you have to not make money if you are living a life that you love.


Is it really possible to have a career that you love and be able to make enough money. Or is this too much like having your cake and eating it?


When I left the corporate world, a lot of my ex-colleagues were mortified at the thought of me giving up my pay cheque.


They couldn’t believe that I was handing back the car, saying goodbye to my company subsidised pension pot and walking off into the land of inevitable failure and bankruptcy.


But I just didn’t see it the same way.


I knew damn well that it was going to be hard to start off with and that I was going to have to curb my usually enthusiastic plastic usage, but I saw this as a temporary thing.


I just couldn’t see why I couldn’t make the business work so that I could do a job that I loved and make enough money to be able to live a good life.


Now I’m not an idealist. I am fully aware that bills need to be paid, holidays are non-negotiable and shopping is essential for sanity.


And I am not flippant with money either. I appreciate the opportunities it creates and doors it can open.


But I did get to a point where I realised that the majority of the money that I was spending was because I was unhappy in life and the mindless brandishing of the plastic was somehow trying to cover this pain.


And that’s the problem. It’s a catch 22.


You are unhappy in your well paid but stressful job so you spend money.


The spending of the money makes you happy, all be it for a fleeting amount of time.


You therefore don’t think you can give up your career because you need the money in order to be happy,




If you were fulfilled with your life, you would not need to spend all that money trying to find the elusive happiness.


Not only this but who says that you can’t have the life that you love and make money. Who says that you have to choose?


And what about the health benefits that you would gain from having a life that you cherish rather than one that is holding out for the next holiday/ the next weekend/ the next anything which isn’t the normal everyday slog?


How much is that worth to you?


The fear of losing the money is something which grips you. You are desperate to escape to your ideal life but you are too scared to leave your current unfulfilling job as you believe you will never be able to make enough money.


But how much is enough? How much exactly do you need to live to the standard that you want? And how much of your outgoings are due to boredom shopping or escapism drinking?


How much would your new life potentially be able to make? Why put limits on what you could earn? You could be the next Stephen Covey. Who knows!


Money is a subject which affects us all. We are united in the concerns that it brings.


But stripping out these concerns and working through your beliefs surrounding money will help you to see the path forwards.


So, how have you overcome the ‘no money’ syndrome? I’d love to hear from you!