Episode 003: Getting Started with International Marketing Coach Emily Osmond

October 15, 2020

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Episode 003: Getting Started with International Marketing Coach Emily Osmond

Episode Overview:

In DGUTD first interview, I had the absolute pleasure of being joined by international marketing coach, top-ranking podcast host and speaker, Emily Osmond!

Emily admits her journey wasn’t all straight forward but after what she calls a “wild ride on the entrepreneurial roller coaster”, she now runs a global business from her living room, hosts a podcast that is listened to in more than 70 countries, coaches hundreds of entrepreneurs inside her online programs, and loves the work that she gets to call her ‘job’.

We dive into the details of what it really takes to start your own business, where she’s ‘failed’ and what advice she’d give to her younger self if she was to do it all again.

If you love marketing and mindset, you’ll love this show!

Episode Highlights:

Don’t miss out the good bits:

{6:55} Why it’s good to not have a Plan B

{13:55} What to do if the need to niche is paralysing you

{21:45} What advice she’d give from her ‘failures’ so you don’t make the same mistakes

{24:30} Instagram tips to boost engagement and sales

{36:30} Her advice if it’s your first step into the world of being an entrepreneur

Links from the Show:

Listen to Emily on her top ranking podcast: The Emily Osmond Show 

Follow her on Instagram.

Sign up for Emily’s free online workshop to generate a full time income from your business at home! Click >>> HERE