Episode 040: Social Media Anxiety

April 13, 2021

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Episode 040: Suffering from Social Media Anxiety?

Episode Overview:

Let’s be honest…does social media make you anxious?

Maybe it’s the feeling that you have to post every day or the algorithm police will be after you.

Or is it that you post and all you hear is crickets rather than the bing of another heart-shaped acknowledgment of acceptance.

There are so many things about social media that can make us anxious and in today’s episode, I’m going to be breaking them down and giving you tips on how to deal with them.

Because let’s face it. Social media is meant to be social, not anxiety-inducing, right?

Episode Highlights:

{1:42} Are you equating social media likes to your personal likability? 

{2:44} Why are you posting that post? Who is the post for?

{3:43} Social media comparisonitis? It’s a real (not reel) thing!

{6:44} Why attaching our self worth to the performance of a post is not the healthiest way to go!

{7:59} Why the algorithm police are not coming for you…

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