Episode 039: Why you don’t need another course

April 6, 2021

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Episode 039: Why You Don’t Need Another Course

Episode Overview:

We’re all guilty of it, right?

We just need one more course. Just one more…even if we have 5 that we still haven’t started! Course hoarding is a real thing, people!

But so is course fatigue.

So in today’s episode, I’m doing something that’s bad for business (well, I do sell courses after all!) ????

I’m talking about why you might not need another course right now and what you could do instead.

Because although it’s not the best thing for business, it is an important point!

Episode Highlights:

{1:48} You’re not alone if you sign up to a course and don’t actually do it!

{2:50} Why are we on the eternal quest for the silver bullet course

{4:12} Top 4 tips to stop being a course junkie

{7:55} You don’t have to be learning specifically for your business to be growing

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