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Episode 019: Setting Yourself Up For Success Episode Overview: Your environment impacts you. Your internal chatter impacts you. Your emotions definitely impact you! All of this is going on around us subconsciously and then we wonder why we don’t feel successful. We don’t feel the success that other people seem to view our lives as. […]

Episode 019: Setting Yourself Up For Success

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Episode 013: How to Create More Flow. Episode Overview: The culture that in order to be successful you have to force your way to the top, crush your competitors and give yourself a nervous breakdown on the way is not a healthy or necessary one and this in itself comes from a place of fear. […]

Episode 013: How to create more flow in your biz (and life)!

Take Control

Episode 011: Taking Imperfect Action with Leslie Regalado Episode Overview: In this show I had the pleasure of speaking to Leslie Regalado an Imperfect Action Coach, founder of WE Lead Society and host of the Perfectly Imperfect Podcast. Leslie made a decision last year to start being a ‘morning person’ and incorporate daily habits into her life. Literally from that point […]

Episode 011: Taking Imperfect Action with Leslie Regalado

Take Control

Episode 010: One for The Perfectionists Episode Overview: Being a perfectionist can be worn as a badge of honour. But please trust me when I say that being a perfectionist has more to do with fear than high standards.    It’s the fear of it not being good enough, of being judged, of not being […]

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