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Episode 031: Client Attraction Episode Overview: Where have they all gone? Seriously, when you started your business you were sure there’d be people lining up to purchase your offer. But it’s live and all you hear is the noise of… well, crickets. It’s time for a rethink. So in today’s episode, I’m talking about how […]

Episode 031: Client Attraction

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Episode 021: Igniting Your Intuition Episode Overview: On todays show I’m getting (a little bit too!) excited about igniting your intuition to skyrocket your business. I’m currently training to be an NLP practitioner and can’t help but share this information as it’s blowing my mind! So join me to hear how uncovering your unconscious mind […]

Episode 021: Igniting Your Intuition

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Episode 019: Setting Yourself Up For Success Episode Overview: Your environment impacts you. Your internal chatter impacts you. Your emotions definitely impact you! All of this is going on around us subconsciously and then we wonder why we don’t feel successful. We don’t feel the success that other people seem to view our lives as. […]

Episode 019: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Take Control

Episode 017: Purpose or Profit? Can you have both? Episode Overview: If you worry you can’t go after your purpose AND make money, then this one’s for you. Without giving away the punchline, you don’t have to choose. It is possible to do the thing that you know you were put on this planet and […]

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