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Episode 021: Igniting Your Intuition

December 22, 2020

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Hi, I'm Laura — Training Neuroscientist, ICF accredited Coach and here to give you the science to help you succeed in business and life

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Episode 021: Igniting Your Intuition

Episode Overview:

On todays show I’m getting (a little bit too!) excited about igniting your intuition to skyrocket your business.

I’m currently training to be an NLP practitioner and can’t help but share this information as it’s blowing my mind!

So join me to hear how uncovering your unconscious mind and going with your intuition over your logic might just be the way to success.

Episode Highlights:

Don’t miss out on the good bits:

{2:07} What is your unconscious mind

{2:32} Why you only process a minuscule % of the information you are bombarded with consciously

{3:33} What your intuition is and why you should start listening to it

{4:38} Choosing your gut for success

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