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Episode 040: Suffering from Social Media Anxiety? Episode Overview: Let’s be honest…does social media make you anxious? Maybe it’s the feeling that you have to post every day or the algorithm police will be after you. Or is it that you post and all you hear is crickets rather than the bing of another heart-shaped […]

Episode 040: Social Media Anxiety

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Episode 038: A Business Spring Clean Episode Overview: It’s finally here!!! Spring has arrived and I have to admit that I’m doing laps of the garden. I love spring so much. I love the buds starting to open. The birds rushing around outside my office getting their nests ready. And I love the promise of […]

Episode 038: A Business Spring Clean


Episode 036: How to Tell Others What You Do Episode Overview: Imagine you’re at a party (do you remember what they used to be like???) and somebody asks you the dreaded question…   “So, what do you do then?”   Are you ready to give them your perfected elevator pitch or do you choke on […]

Episode 036: How to tell others what you do


Episode 035: Magnetising Money Episode Overview: Money, money, money. How’s your relationship with the stuff?   Good, bad, ambivalent? We all carry stories about money and what it means to have it, want it, not have it, what rich people are like, poor people, if you get more what it will mean for you, what […]

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