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The Integrated Leader Academy™

I used to say to my husband,

The biggest shifts in your external success come when you start working on your internal integration. From regulating your nervous system so it works in harmony with you rather than against you, to aligning your conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs, to creating the unwavering belief within you that you are worthy of the internal and external success you crave.

But I used to believe this is what other people could achieve. It's what the lucky few could attain and I certainly wasn't one of them. I questioned if I would ever know what inner peace was and if I could ever find the external success in my business that I believed I was destined for, but couldn't seem to believe enough that I deserved it to make it work

but 99% of people start by looking for external strategies rather than internal integration's what drives us into business. To help others. To leave a legacy for our family. To create a life where we can have time, emotional and financial freedom.

We all want to feel like we're making a positive impact on the world...

And I'm putting everything I've learnt along the way into this academy so you can achieve this too. I truly believe that when one rises, we all rise.

I found my VOICE and my ability to tell my true story from a place of knowing that the right people were there to hear it 🎤 ...

I found the CONFIDENCE to show up & SELL unapologetically without the need for second guessing and worrying all the what if's💰 ...

I was able to find that elusive FLOW in my business that others talked about but I believed was just for them 🌊 

I finally found inner acceptance and peace. And that's worth so much more than any external success 🕊️

When I turned my focus inward and started showing up for MYSELF first, I could then show up for my clients and this is when:

But that's because I was always looking in the wrong place...outside of myself.

We ARE our business and every time we show up in front of our potential customers, we are giving off unconscious signals. They are sensing unconsciously what's going on inside of us. It's how we've evolved. We're programmed to do it! So head down and just get on with it doesn't work. It just leads to burn out.

But when we really work on our Self and create an internal safety net, we can show up unapologetically as ourselves without the need for external acceptance to save us...

...and this is when the crazy magic happens 🪄 

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for too long I tried to push on through, head down, work harder, just keep on going...until i had a mental breakdown...twice!

here's why you can't afford to ignore the internal-side of your business...

i want in!

The Integrated Leader Academy is the framework for creating your dream business and life!

An impactful masterclass with me each month, working through both the knowledge and action steps of that month's topic 

1:1 hot seat coaching with me every month to work through your success plan and get actions in place to keep you moving forwards

A weekly Reset Recording from me each week to get you motivated for the week ahead and ready to get after your success story.

A monthly Subconscious Rewiring Recording to reprogram your neural pathways for success.
A guest expert masterclass with some of the top people in their field to aid both your business and personal success.

What you'll get each month...

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You'll find that this work not only improves your business success, but all areas of your life. When you reconnect to who you are on a soul level, you reconnect to those that are important to you.
This work has brought me closer to my loved ones and especially my children. And there is nothing more joyful than that.
I want you to find this deep connection too. Connection is what we crave. It's our birthright.



You have a deep inner knowing that another shiny strategy is not going to cut it this time

You are done with playing small and ready to clear the crap and move forward with your life

You feel like there's an invisible barrier stopping you from reaching the levels of success you crave

You're a freedom seeker, soulful leader or innovative healer ready to take the next step

who is this for?

when you focus on your internal world, your external world falls into place

As an accredited coach, certified therapist and master of neuroscience in training, I bring the credentials to the table.
But what they don't give you is the life experience. And I have lived what I teach...and then some!
I truly believe that external success comes from internal integration and we can only lead others when we connect with ourselves on a deep level.
As both a scientist and a spiritual wanderer, I share science backed, soul led wisdom to help guide you along your journey.


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