The Journey So Far

I have been passionate about giving back from an early age and have been lucky enough to travel to a lot of countries around the world sometimes as a tourist, and others to take part in charity work. This has definitely opened my eyes and my heart to the reality that other people face on a daily basis.

It was therefore a no brainer when I set up my business that I wanted it to be a force for good. To dedicate not just money, but time and effort to causes around the world.

I have therefore made a commitment that my business is not just to help the millions of women who are lucky enough to have the freedom to choose to change but to also help those that don’t have the luxury of that freedom.

If you ever want to feel your heart being dragged out of your chest and stomped on, read Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

Their personal accounts of some of the most heart-wrenching stories of the treatment of women around the world had me crying and reaching for my pitchfork at the same time.

To help the women on the front line who are taking a stand against the use of rape as a weapon of war, genital mutilation, child brides, sex trafficking, and the lack of healthcare and education for millions of girls around the world.

I am very aware that throwing money at a problem does not necessarily make it better even if it eases our conscience. There are now many studies that show that the most effective solutions are those which come from within.

These incredible women don’t want us to save them. They want to have the means to save themselves.

Therefore, I pledge not only 10% of all profits to specifically handpicked projects going forwards, but also the time and resources of both myself and that of any employees.

Whilst I am all about self-development with a large dollop of fun attached to it, I also see it as our duty to not only help ourselves but also those around us.

It may only be a piss in the ocean but if we all do our part, the results would be incredible.

It is only thanks to the ovarian lottery (thank you Warren Buffet for that line) that I am able to sit here in my home office, drinking latte made on my coffee machine, writing on my laptop whilst the kids are safely inside playing on one of the hundreds of toys they have been bought and gifted. I am very aware that this could all be very different if I had been born into a different family/ culture/ country. I take none of this for granted even when I’m having a meltdown about something which is completely ridiculous.

If any of this interests you or you feel compelled to help, please contact me here if you would like to discuss anything further.

If all of this is too much right now with everything else going on then I completely understand and I thank you for reading this. It has hopefully planted a little seed that will sit there until the time is right. Whether that be action or even a discussion with somebody else who then goes on to take action. We never know what the onward effect from each of our own actions will be so we just have to keep moving forward with the blind hope/ loving knowledge that everything said with the best intentions will spread out as goodness.

With love ???? and gratitude ????????

Laura x