I believe that we can only truly lead when we integrate all of ourselves and work as a whole. If a part is missing or hurting, then all parts suffer and you are not able to fully show up as the leader you are here to be

The Connection Catalyst™

create success from the inside

You've tried everything but the feeling of not enoughness leads to a lack of visibility and a complete lack of sales. You know that if you could only believe at a core level that you are enough, you'd be unstoppable.

You've spent too long believing that head down and carry on was the way to success. It's taken me 7 years and two breakdowns to realise it's not and to look for another way.

This is the other way.

When you reconnect to yourself on a deep level, you find safety in being you, the clarity to connect to your true message and the confidence to show up as you. This helps your audience connect with you and this ultimately leads to more satisfying sales.

But whilst you carry unprocessed emotions around within you, it will always feel like you're running into an invisible wall and the success you crave will allude you.

i see you...

You're tired of looking out into the entrepreneur world and seeing everybody else have the success you want

I bring it from a place of having been there myself. From crippling anxiety to depression to off the charts imposter syndrome. But I now know I am worthy of success. I want the same for you.


It includes the science behind why it works from quantum physics (and I mean actual quantum physics - I have a degree in Physics!), to biology to neuroscience. But don't worry. You don't need a degree in it to understand it!

Science and spirituality

Using a blend of coaching, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, time line therapy, and energy healing, I have created a unique therapy which works at the subconscious level to release your unconscious resistance to success.


3 Ways This Approach is Different...

We start by liberating the emotions trapped within your body which build up resistance over time & create an internal barrier to your success. This is where you learn to regulate your nervous system and take back your power of choice.

Next, we release the unhelpful beliefs, stories and thoughts that are stopping you from being successful in your business. I call these the 5 Codes of Connection™ and each builds on the next. When these are integrated and working in harmony, your power will shine through

You'll receive an online training video each week for you to work through which will help to bring awareness at a conscious level. The training includes the science behind the work and exercises for you to complete.

4 x 1:1 session with me using Resistance Release Therapy™ and 1 x 1:1 Higher Self Activation Session™ to release the deep level, invisible resistance which is holding you back and awaken your true higher purpose.

What's included...

"I will always be grateful and would say to anyone thinking of working with Laura - just go for it, you will be so glad you did!" 

"Laura has been a powerhouse of motivation..."

Maj, Empowerment Coach

 We focus on releasing any tension you hold there and any resistance you have built up over the years to trusting yourself. If you find yourself thinking you're not enough, this is a sign of a lack of trust. By releasing the past, trusting yourself and allowing yourself to follow your gut instinct, you open up a whole new world of connection to yourself and others.

We start by focusing on the gut to build back trust within yourself.

The Trust Code

When we focus on the heart and open it up to compassion, forgiveness and love, we are free to show up as our true Self. We forgive and release past hurt caused by others that keep you ruminating over the past and release any shame and guilt built up from your past actions. We release any resistance to loving yourself on a deep level which allows you to show up in your business from a place of love and not fear. You can then attract people towards you with the energy you put out.

The heart is the strongest oscillator in the body. 

The Compassion Code

This leads to feelings of anxiety as you try to say all the things that keep everybody else happy except you. Releasing this is essential for you to be able to show up and sell from a place of deep connection. A major part of holding yourself back from getting your message out is believing it's not important and that nobody wants to hear it. We release your resistance to speaking your truth to ensure the right people hear your message. No more playing small!

If you feel unable to speak your truth you close your throat & play small. 

The Truth Code

We focus on your mind and how you build your belief in your abilities to truly become the person you want to be. The truth is, you are already that person deep down as if not, the desire would not be there to realise it. If you've ever felt like a fraud (or fakey pants as I affectionately label it) then this one's for you. We'll banish those misbeliefs that you are somehow less than others and remove the thought that others are out there just waiting to prove you wrong.

Your clients will not believe in you if you don't believe in you.

The Belief Code

Focussing on something bigger than yourself opens you up to possibilities that you have never dreamed of. This is where we awaken your true inner Self and activate that part of you which has been lying dormant, waiting to be released. You will finally step into your power and create the success in your business from a place of deep inner peace and knowing.

You are capable of so much more than you ever imagined possible.

The Purpose Code


Uncovering the root of all my fears was beautifully empowering and being able to know how to move forward with a project I’d been stalling on is one of the best feelings in the world.
I have launched my new brand which I’ll be using to publish my first book and I am so thankful that I was able to harness the wisdom!

“This course has been such an amazing boost for me!"

Beaudy Camacho, Founder of Fundforte and Beaudy Co. Labs
Overcome the Fear of Starting your Biz Course

I’ve learnt a ton and I did the actions you said and poof!
A weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”

“Oh my goodness, your course is just wow!

Charmaine Bailey, Designer & Illustrator
Overcome the Fear of Starting your Biz Course

"Her subject knowledge in the area of business development shines through all that she teaches as does her passion to help business owners reject overwhelm and take back control to make their business grow. I learnt so much!"

"Laura is fantastic to work with!"

Angelena, Transformation and Mindset Coach
Start From Scratch Course

I enjoyed how simple and straight forward Laura made the process, cutting through all the B.S. to the essentials. I did not expect to do such ‘deep work’ on a short course…but that’s the biggest bonus for me.

I’m not panicking anymore!

Emma, UK
Start From Scratch Course

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+ 4 x 1:1 Resistance Release Therapy™ sessions
+ 1 x 1:1 Higher Self Activation Session™ 
+ 5 x Codes of Connection™ online training sessions 
+ 5 x remote energy clearing sessions for each Code.
+ 3 months exclusive access to The Business Vault™ which contains all my online courses.

what's included

As this is new, I am currently offering it at a low price for the transformation you will receive. It will be going up substantially in the near future so if you are interested, please contact me

The Connection Catalyst™

A course which teaches you is nice but in TCC, you are empowered to take control and do the actions needed for success.

action orientated

This work comes from my soul. I have lived this work and transformed my own life. I will show you how to do the same for your life too.


With a background in Physics and Neuroscience, I bring the science to the spiritual to ensure evidence based techniques and results.


What TCC is like...

I know what it's like to look out into the big, beautiful entrepreneur world and see everybody else celebrating their successes whilst you feel like a complete failure.

It can be triggering. It can make you feel not enough. And it can certainly make you disappear back into the comfort of being invisible.

But I also know that the key to success is not in another shiny strategy. It all starts with YOU!

Therefore I've made it my sole purpose in life to help female leaders connect deeply to themselves, their message and their audience by releasing their subconscious resistance to success so that they can lead with integrity and grace.

I believe in integrating the whole self to reach a success which feels as good on the inside as it does from the outside.

You 100% can have this too.

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I'm Laura — ICF coach, certified therapist & training neuroscientist 

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tailored sessions working 1:1 with me

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Personalised gift box to aid your journey

access all my online courses

online training to support your journey

tailored sessions working 1:1 with me

tailored sessions working 1:1 with me

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What would it be like if your life felt as good on the inside as it *looks* on Instagram? 

That's what this is all about. Integrating the whole of you so you work towards your success and not subconsciously against it. When you remove this invisible barriers, amazing things happen!

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