Start From Scratch

Question for you…

What if you could start

Your business in the span

of just 7 weeks?


Or let me rephrase that…

What if in 7 weeks you could have your business set up legally, know with clarity and confidence who your clients are and where they’re hanging out, have created your unique, enticing offer, started growing your email list and have your website up and running and your content planned out for the year…phew!

Without the need for overwhelm so you can get on with making your business a success and actually start making money!!!

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Here’s the problem…

You know in order to have a successful business you need to bring in clients consistently…

However, you’re spending most of your time worrying how you’re going to set it all up, what the hell you do first and where exactly should you spend your money or do it yourself??? Are you laying in bed at night wondering…

  • How do I legally set up my business and who do I have to tell and when?
  • Won’t creating a website be really time consuming and expensive?
  • What if I don’t have anything that people will want to buy from me?
  • How on earth do I choose just one niche???
  • How do I get clients if I need testimonials but I don’t have clients?

Can you imagine…

…having your business set up and running smoothly on autopilot so you can focus on bringing in clients?

And instead of feeling overwhelmed and stuck, you will start to feel…

CLEAR over who you serve and how you serve them so you sell with confidence and a knowing that your business will be a success.

CONFIDENT in who you are as an business owner and what makes you unique so you can focus on your path and not compare to others.

CALM knowing that your business is set up correctly with the right authorities so you can spend your time serving your clients.

if you would like to start your business without wasting precious time and money, i have something for you…


Start from scratch

The step-by-step programme that shows you how to start your business by taking you from IDEA to CLIENT in 7 weeks!

“I went from terrified to excited to begin building my business in just weeks!

Laura is fantastic to work with. Her subject knowledge in the area of business development shines through all that she teaches as does her passion to help business owners reject overwhelm and take back control to make their business grow. She is engaging to watch and listen to and makes the subject matter come alive. I learnt so much!

I would highly recommend this course!”

– Angelena Hindocha, Transformation and Mindset Coach

Here’s what’s included…


You’ll get access to training delivered directly into your inbox from me each week so you can remove overwhelm and work through the course step by step, implementing as you go!

You’ll also receive a workbook each week to help implement your learning as well as additional tech trainings in the members area.


You get access to the course for a whole 6 months and all the resources and bonuses. This also includes any future added training and bonuses whilst you’re in the course.

And if you get stuck at any point, you can ask me questions directly within The Aligned Entrepreneur Community so you’re not alone!


Access to loads of amazing bonuses to help you set up your business and beyond!

Including swipe files, cheat sheets and additional training videos so you can continue to grow your business even after the 7 weeks.


Module Breakdown…

MODULE 1: Setting Strong Foundations

✨ Ensure you’re setting up the right business for you so you can move forward with confidence that you’re doing the right thing.

✨ Business and legal structure explained so you choose what’s best for you and start without the worry of if you’ve done it right.

✨ How to set up your finances including setting up with HMRC so you avoid the worry and penalties that come with getting it wrong.

MODULE 2: Nailing Your Niche

✨ Uncovering your values and how they tie in with your business so your business will feel successful on the inside and not just look it from the outside.

✨ Getting crystal clear on your niche and your ideal client so you don’t waste time talking to the wrong people and can get laser focussed on bringing in clients.

✨ Understanding your clients deepest secrets and desires so you can talk to them on a soul level and truly help them get incredible results.

MODULE 3: Crafting an Irresistible Offer

✨ Understanding the pain-pleasure journey that your clients are on so you can meet them where they are and help them move forwards.

✨ How to make your offer unique and desirable so that you stand out in the crowd and become the go to in your field.

✨ How to package your offer in a way that makes it easy for the clients to say yes and you to deliver it whilst keeping true to your values.

MODULE 4: Think Outside The Inbox

✨ How to craft an irresistible opt in offer so you can attract the right people onto your email list, serve them and convert the right ones into paying customers

✨ Step by step walkthrough to build a landing pages and a thank you pages along with what to include and omit to ensure you set the best first impressions.

✨ How to get the right people onto your email list and build it without the need for stress and heartache so you can focus on nurturing and building genuine connections.

MODULE 5: Websites that Convert

✨ How to create your unique brand so that you stand out in the market place and people start to recognise you.

✨ How to create a website from scratch on a shoestring so that you have control of amending it (even if you hate tech!).

✨ Which pages to include and templates to get you started so you create a website that not only grabs attention, but also converts views to clients.

MODULE 6: Creating Consistent Content

✨ How to plan and repurpose a year of content so you can post consistently without the last minute panic and anxiety.

✨ Creating social media that gets your clients attention so that the right clients are attracted to you rather than just increasing your like count.

✨ The mindset behind social media so that you understand how to protect yourself from the comparison blackhole and stay sane on social.

MODULE 7: An Unforgettable Experience

✨ Creating a smooth on boarding procedure so that you can focus on serving your clients and save time with the paperwork

✨ How to make sales calls your new favourite thing so your can deal with objections effortlessly and sell without selling your soul!

✨ Swipe files for welcome packs and testimonial questionnaires and ideas to make the customer experience unique so you create raving fans and repeat customers.


Too many to fit in here but here’s a taster:

✨ Additional training videos to help you set up your business and beyond covering course creation, social media hacks, video editing to name a few.

✨ Swipe files and templates to take the guess work out of it all so you can focus on providing value to your clients rather than spending hours reinventing the wheel.

✨ Additional mindset training to ensure you have the mindset to implement the strategies. After all, without the mindset, all the strategies in the world will be useless.

i’ve seen enough…
sign me up!

Enroll now

hERE’S WHAT’S not included:

  • A magic wand promising you that if you follow the steps, you will be a billionaire by Wednesday. I’m good but I’m not a ????‍♂️!
  • Unicorn glitter ???? that when applied, means you get a fast track to success without having to do any work. Setting up a business will require your input.
  • A silver bullet which will compel 10,000 clients to come knocking at your door. Yes, this would be a great thing to offer but in the end, you want the right people knocking at your door right? It only takes 1 to start!


  • I’ll take you step by step through the strategies and tech so that you understand it and can implement it yourself (so you don’t always have to rely on others to get things done)
  • I will show you ways to attract clients and how to create an exceptional customer experience so you get raving fans and start the snowball effect
  • A whole lot of fun as we work through the course as well as support, help and advice. I take my cheerleading responsibilities very seriously you know. I’m with you for each step you take!

so, are you ready to finally start your business so you can leave the 9-5 behind with clarity and confidence?

when you enrol today you’ll get…

  • 7 modules taught by me, taking you through everything you need to get your business started. From the legal business set up and HMRC, to tech walkthroughs, to mindset shifts needed so you can step into your new role as a business owner!
  • A ???? ton of bonuses that will ensure that you set your business up in such a way that you can spend your time focussing on your clients and not worrying about how to do all the other stuff. (Cheatsheets, how to videos, instagram hacks, it’s all in there!)
  • I’ll walk you through the tech of how to set up your own professional looking website (even if you’re a technophobe!). The main part of my website cost me less than £100 and all the photos have been taken on my rather knackered iPhone 8. I’ll show you how!
  • All of the online training for 6 months plus all the upgrades and additional training added in this time. And if you get stuck, you can message me directly in The Aligned Entrepreneur Community and I will personally answer your questions there!
  • Just think how much you’d pay to get somebody else to set your business up with HMRC, Companies House, etc. I’m a chartered accountant with 15 years experience! And how much a website designer would be! And these are only a small part of 2 of the modules!

“I’m not panicking anymore!

I enjoyed how simple and straight forward Laura made the start-up process, cutting through all the B.S. to the essentials. I did not expect to do such ‘deep work’ on a short business start-up course…but that’s the biggest bonus for me.

I’d absolutely recommend Start From Scratch without hesitation. For someone looking for a no-nonsense course that sets out the basics of starting a business without hard sell, upselling angles and over-promising…this is ‘the one’!”

– Emma Charnley, UK


What’s the investment?



  • Access to all modules and bonuses plus any updates added during your membership
  • Access to me inside The Aligned Entrepreneur Community to ask me any of your questions
  • A tonne of helpful bonuses to get you started​
  • 6 months access to all the material so you can work through in your own time at your own pace!



X 3

  • All the same content you get with the paid in full investment including any updates made and new training added
  • Access to me inside The Aligned Entrepreneur Community to ask me any of your questions
  • A tonne of helpful bonuses to get you started​
  • 6 months access to all the material so you can work through in your own time at your own pace!



Your investment is backed by our 100% money back guarantee

Look, I get it, sometimes you just need a little extra assurance that your investment is safe. So if you’re sitting on the fence, you’ve been burned before or you just don’t know me all that well yet, I want to make it an easy decision for you.

If after 14 days from the start of the program you’re not happy with it for any reason, I will give you 100% of your money back.

All I ask is for proof that you’ve implemented the work from those two weeks (as no action = no results) and for your honest feedback as to why, so that I can improve the course going forwards.

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But, who the hell am I?

Laura Ellera About Page

Hey, I’m laura


After being in the coaching arena for the last 9 years and having started two of my own businesses, I’ve learned was it really takes to get started…the hard way!

And having seen too many talented women stop before they’ve even had a chance to get started, I decided it was time to do something about it.

I’ve worked with businesses from sole trader startups all the way through to multi-billion dollar companies and use my background as a Chartered Accountant (ACA), with my knowledge from becoming an ICF accredited coach plus my training in NLP, TLT, hypnotherapy and Neuroscience to create the perfect blend of strategy, tech know-how, and mindset.

Me in a nutshell? Imagine the brain of a scientist, the will of an Ironman, the heart of a hippie and the mouth of a trucker and you’re pretty much there

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to start my businesss but I don’t have the time to do this course. What should I do?

If you genuinely don’t have any time at the moment then this isn’t for you. I can promise a lot, but results without work is not one I’m willing to put my name and reputation against!

You get access for 6 months so you can implement this at your own pace and revisit modules as and when needed. 

If you do genuinely want to start your business though, ask yourself how long you’re willing to wait. I waited 5 years before going all in and I used time as my excuse to cover up the fear and imposter syndrome I was feeling.

Do I regret it? Just about every single day. But I decided enough was enough, hired a business coach and well…the rest is history!

The core of the course is a 1 hour to 90 min training once a week plus additional optional bonuses to help you implement the knowledge you acquire. Of course you’ll get more out of the course if you complete the workbooks and you have to spend time implementing what you learn.

If you can give even an hour a week, you’d be 26 hours further down the line by the end of the 6 months. Could you find an hour a week?

What if it doesn’t work for me? I always see these courses and think they look great for other people.

So there’s a couple of points I want to make to this.

  1. If you don’t believe it will work for you, it won’t. With all the best intentions in the world, if your mind is telling you it’s bull ????, you won’t implement the lessons. So I’d say if you truly don’t believe it will work for you, 1:1 coaching might be a better option to work through these stories
  2. The course takes you step by step through how to set up your business with HMRC, Companies House, technical training on setting up a website, walk throughs on setting up your email list, how to create content consistently, etc. so it’s a step by step process. You can ask me any questions you need to along the way in the private FB Group, The Aligned Entrepreneur Community. I will not promise you the results you will get as I cannot take the actions for you. But I can promise that I am here for you every single step of the way. If you ask a question that I don’t know the answer to, I will bring in somebody else who can. And there is a money back guarantee within the first 14 days so if it really isn’t for you, you can have your money back!

I don’t have the money for this right now but I see it’s benefits. What can I do?

I’m not one to say “just put it on a credit card” as that’s not how I live and I don’t think that’s sensible advice. If you genuinely can’t afford it, then there are some amazing free training options out there. 

I have a free group The Aligned Entrepreneur Community where I do live trainings for free and there’s my podcast for free advice The Aligned Ambition Podcast. Of course, there are loads of other business coaches out there.

I do believe that we have to invest in our businesses to be able to move them forwards or we can spend years going around in circles. When you were a kid, you had parents guiding you, When you were at school you had teachers. And when you have a job, you have a boss. So why do we think that when we start a business, we should be able to just figure it all out by ourselves?

Even if this isn’t the course for you, I highly recommend you seeking out some form of mentoring to get your business going. It’s an extremely hard path if not.

How much support will I get from you? I’ve done courses before but I’m looking for more 1:1 help this time.

If you want 1:1 coaching and mentoring then this isn’t for you. 

I do 1:1 coaching and mentoring separately to this course so if you want to find out more, then get in touch here.

Great course but can’t I just figure this all out myself? YouTube’s pretty good for this kind of thing, right?

Of course you can! But it’s a hell of a lot slower and although there isn’t the upfront cost of buying a program, from my experience you spend more over time by clearing up the mistakes.

I spent 5 years bumming around in my business until I FINALLY invested in a business coach and within 2 weeks, I could see the incredible transformation.

The way I see it, as a kid we had parents guiding us, as a child we had teachers too, at work we had a boss. So why when we start a business do we expect to be able to figure it all out by ourselves???

With all due respect, why should I choose your program? There are loads out there so why you?

This is 100% the right question to be asking. There are a lot of courses out there so I will answer who I am, my background and what this course has to offer.

I’m trained to the highest standard in business with a Big 4 firm so I know how to set up a business from a legal and financial perspective.

Not only have I worked in the corporate world since 2006 from sole traders to multibillion dollar companies working on their finance and business strategy but I’ve also run 2 of my own businesses over the last 8 years.

I started coaching in 2012 and qualified as a certified coach with The Coaching Academy in 2015 and have since become and accredited ICF member.

So all in all, I have a lot of experience under my belt to be able to help you start your business!

Ultimately though, it’s about how you feel, If you don’t think this course is for you, that’s cool. I don’t want to force anybody into anything that’s not right for them and as you say, there are plenty of courses out there to choose from.

If you’re unsure, you can drop me an email here and I’ll answer any of your questions.

And if you think it is, AMAZING! I’m so excited to work with you!!!

I’ve sort of started my business but bringing in zero clients. Will this course help me?

The honest answer is, it depends.

It depends on how you set up your business and what you already have in place.

If you’re confident you’re set up correctly with HMRC etc. and you’re happy with your website and your email list set up is GDPR compliant and you know who your ideal client is and where they are, then no, this course isn’t for you.

If you’ve started your business but haven’t actually set it up legally or are trying to talk to everybody and don’t know what your niche is or who your ideal client is (or what that even means!) then yes, this course would be great for you.

If you’re still unsure if this course would be right for you having read through this page, then drop me an email and we can discuss further. You can contact me here.

I’m completely brand new to my business and just starting out. Will this help me?

Absolutely, yes it will! It’s called Start From Scratch for a reason.

I’ll take you through all you need to know to get your business off the ground and start bringing in your first paying clients.

I genuinely believe those first few are the hardest! So yes. This course is for you. But obviously, only if you believe it to be ????


THIS is for you if…

  • You want to start your business with strong foundations to grow from.
  • You’re not willing to wait another year, no, another month before getting your business going.
  • You hate tech and want somebody to show you a no BS, step by step process to follow so you can implement it in your business.
  • This is a full body “hell yes” to working with me. Yes this is a commitment of time and money but the biggest commitment is to yourself. So, are you ready?

THIS is not for you if…

  • Having a business sounds like a nice idea. To get the results, you have to be all in.
  • You’re looking for a magic fairy with a silver bullet, touting a get-rich-quick scheme. That’s not me.
  • You want somebody else to do the work for you. Yes, I will support you every step of the way but ultimately, it’s down to you!
  • You have no idea what business you want to start. This is for people with a business idea in an industry but need help with the niche and what they offer.




  • Access to all modules and bonuses plus any updates added during your membership
  • Access to me inside The Aligned Entrepreneur Community to ask me any of your questions
  • A tonne of helpful bonuses to get you started​
  • 6 months access to all the material so you can work through in your own time at your own pace!



X 3

  • All the same content you get with the paid in full investment including any updates made and new training added
  • Access to me inside The Aligned Entrepreneur Community to ask me any of your questions
  • A tonne of helpful bonuses to get you started​
  • 6 months access to all the material so you can work through in your own time at your own pace!


Got further questions? Then drop me an email directly at