Rising Star

Rising Star


Congratulations! You’re a Rising Star!

Your score ranks you higher than 50% of your peers! You absolutely have the skills you need and you’re ready to start and grow a profitable online business that supports your dream of working anywhere.

Now it’s time to bring all this knowledge that you have together and start actually making this dream work for you so you can find the time, money and freedom that having your own business can give you.

Capitalising on the skills you have and outsourcing the things you can whist making sure you’re organised and batching content where possible so you have the systems in place to scale this blossoming business.

Keep an eye out for your mindset trying to derail you. Although I have no doubt that you’ve had to work through lots of things to get this far, those fears, worries and stories that we tell ourselves don’t go away overnight.

Making sure you keep your eye on the reason why you started your business whilst ensuring the systems are in place to make it run like a well oiled machine are the things which are going to help take you to the next level.

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Success is inevitable and you are abundant 

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