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The Integrated success podcast


Featuring guest expert interviews and raw & relatable solo episodes. Science backed & soul led.

The weekly success podcast that's focused on the Science and Spirituality of Success.

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I won't hide behind the mic. I am open and honest about...well, everything and so are my guest.
Real and raw.

we get really really real.

If it's relatable you want, you'll find it here. From solo shows to chatting with unique and inspiring guests. It's informal inspitation.

it's like chatting with a girlfriend

I bring a unique blend of science and soul led knowledge to the show. From neuroscience to physics to spirituality...you'll find it all.

not your average success podcast

What you'll find on the podcast:

- Isabella Francine

"A truly brilliant and inspirational podcast!!"

- SuSuAllen

"Love Laura’s energy and guidance. Can so relate to her stories"

- Lynsiloo

"Laura’s show is full of great advice and inspiration! Go listen"

I believe that success is so much more than just external success. That's why this podcast is all about wholistic wealth - more than money!

But it's taken me two breakdowns, depression, anxiety and off the charts imposter syndrome to get here. And it was understanding what's really happening on the inside that I found to be the key to finding internal contentment and peace.

That's why I bring my background in coaching and neuroscience with the added mix of business and spirituality to create a unique blend of science and soul led knowledge.


Host of the Integrated Success Podcast

Hey there! I'm laura.

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