Overcome Your Fear of Starting

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want to launch your business without fear & overwhelm?

This course will put you back in the driving seat so you can make the right decisions for your business with confidence & clarity.


Does any of this sound familiar?

You know you want a business that truly makes a difference but you spend your days feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by the endless to-dos, comparistonitis and the deep down fear they you’re just not good enough.

I know how soul destroying this is because I’ve been there too…

You spend more time making your website/ social media/ office look pretty then actually putting yourself out there and asking for clients.

You believe you’ll be successful but you just don’t have the skills yet. You spend more time looking for the next course you can take to up level your skills.

You see others around you creating 6 figure launches but you can’t find a way to step out of your own way and actually get your first 5 paying clients.

Imagine if you could…

✨ Actually launch your business with clarity and conviction without the need to second guess every move and take hours making every painstaking decision.

✨ Find the confidence to ask people to pay for the knowledge that you know you have in you (but your inner gremlin tells you people won’t pay for it).

✨ Step out of your own way and actually start getting clients consistently who you LOVE working with. You know they’re out there. You just need to find them!


Overcome the fear of starting
your business

In this short course which punches way above its weight, you’ll learn how to remove fear blocks, transform your relationship with overwhelm and become the CEO of your dreams!


  • Clearly identify your true underlying fears and work through each of them so you can take action to get the life and business you truly desire.
  • Stop procrastination in it’s tracks so you spend your time on the activities that actually make your business a success and bring in the money.
  • Confidently put you and your message out into the world so that you can attract clients and not repel them with the smell of fear (metaphoric not actual ????).
  • Notice your fears before they stop you so you can deal with them efficiently and continue to move forward with your business (this is a tool for life!).

Why is OFSB different?

no fluff

We’re all busy, right? So I’ve removed all the fluff, nonsense and padding and only included the good stuff.

Think of it like a Honey Badger.

Small but mighty

it goes deep

We’re not stopping at the surface level fears you have in your head.

This course works because we look to the real fears you hold in your heart (not as scary as it sounds!)


It may be a short course but don’t let this fool you that it’s not powerful.

But don’t take my word for it.

Scroll down for what my customers are saying about it!

What’s included in OFSB…


Part ONE: the WHY

In this module you’ll learn why knowing your fears intimately is the #1 thing to learn before you start designing you products, looking for clients, creating your website.

If not, you will unwittingly weave your fears into every aspect of your business which repels clients quicker than a broken link.


Part TWO: the what

This is where we deep dive into what your true underlying fears are (hint: they’re not the ones you’re telling yourself).

You will discover what those hidden fears are that are truly holding you back so we work to release the correct fears.

Uncovering your fears allows you to finally start moving forwards with clarity and conviction so you have the ability to talk to potential clients and ask for the sale.


Part THREE: The How

In this module you’ll work through how to overcome the fears which you uncovered in module 2.

This is where you’ll start to release those fears and take back control so you come at your business from a place of service and not fear.

This is when the business flows and you stop forcing it like pushing a heavy boulder up a hill.


Part FOUR: the future

Don’t you hate it when you do a course, you feel super motivated and then you get a positivity hangover as you go back to the real world and the magic wears off?

Not in this course. In module 4 you’ll learn how to apply what you’ve learnt in the real world to keep the momentum and results going long after you have finished the course.

These tools will then be with you forever to use over and over as new fears and stories arise.




“Oh my goodness, your course is just wow!

I’ve learnt a ton and I did the actions you said and poof!

A weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”

Charmaine Bailey, Designer & Illustrator

but it doesn’t end there. You’ll also get 4 amazing bonuses:

Bonus One: Discover why selling has not made you any sales and what to do instead

Bonus Two: Find your zone of genius that people actually want and will pay you for

Bonus Three: why you need to put you into your business (even if you’re selling a product)


grab your ofsb access here

How much would you pay to overcome your fears so you can actually create a successful business which gives you the purpose and financial freedom you desire?

£1,000,000? (Don’t worry, it’s not……although…)

Grab this course for just £147 now! This is increasing to £225 soon so don’t miss out on this incredible saving!

get instant access now

This is for you if…

  • You’re sick and tired of knowing you’re meant for more but not knowing how to go about getting it. Those fear gremlins are great at keeping you stuck!
  • You’re willing to get honest with yourself as to what your fears really are. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you there but I can’t do it for you.
  • You’re done with the old excuses and ready to step up as the leading lady in your life, grab it by the balls and start owning your true power.

This is not for you if…

  • Owning your own business is a nice idea that maybe you’d like to do one day but you’re not too sure about it at the moment.
  • You have no fears…only kidding, we all have fears! But it’s not for you if you’re not willing to look deep within and uncover them.
  • You don’t believe it’s for you. This course will do a lot of things but miracle working is out of scope. If you don’t believe this will work for you, then it won’t.

“This course has been such an amazing boost for me!

Uncovering the root of all my fears was beautifully empowering and being able to know how to move forward with a project I’d been stalling on is one of the best feelings in the world.

I have launched my new brand which I’ll be using to publish my first book and I am so thankful that I was able to harness the wisdom of OFSB, even if I have been in business 7 years!

Thank you Laura and Team. It’s been amazing!”

Beaudy Camacho, Founder of Fundforte and Beaudy Co. Labs

Laura Ellera About Page

Hey, I’m lAURA

I’ve been coaching for over 8 years and the one thing that I’ve found stops all aspiring entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential? 

>>> FEAR <<<

Seriously, it happens time and time again. Even if it doesn’t stop them completely it makes the journey much harder and sadly normally means they don’t reach their full potential.

Having suffered from anxiety my entire life and PND more recently, I know what it feels like to live with fear and insecurities. But I also know how amazing it is when you come out the other side.

The tools I use have given me the confidence and courage to travel the world by myself, train and compete in an Ironman (even with a phobia of open water!) and set up my own business whilst looking after two toddlers on my own. 

It’s not been easy but it’s definitely been worth it! And that’s why I created this course. So I could share the tools that have helped me to go for my dreams and inspire you to do the same.

I can’t wait to see you inside OFSB!

So grab it now at the awesome price of £147 (normally £225)

Please don’t let another year go by whilst your dream business remains just that. A dream

Take the leap, invest in your future and find a way to overcome your fears so you can make your dreams your own success story.

There’s only a limited time until the price goes up to £225 so grab this while you can!

Yes please!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course take?

You could watch all the training videos within an hour.

There is work for you to do by yourself after the training but you can go as deep into this as you like (obviously the more you put in, the more you get out!).

But don’t be fooled that being short means it’s not powerful. My clients have been delighted by how concise but potent the content is.

Shouldn’t I be working on my strategies not my fears?

Strategies are brilliant and you need them to succeed. But all the strategies in the world wont help you succeed if you let fear take over your business.

You need to work on your mindset first or you’ll weave fear into every aspect of your business. And this will repel potential clients.

Overcoming your fears first will mean you save time and money by not going down every rabbit hole and will make sure you implement the right strategies for your business.

What if I can’t afford this course?

I understand that we all have different circumstances and there is absolutely no benefit in me saying that you can’t afford to not buy this course.

You need to honour where you’re at now and keep up with your responsibilities.

If you can afford this but you’re telling yourself this as a story, then just look a little deeper into this. Are you scared that this might actually work? That you might actually be able to start your business and succeed?

Or scared that this course won’t work for you.

All of these points are 100% valid. Just be honest with yourself as to which one is actually you.

What if I’m just not ready right now but I can see the benefit for the future?

This course isn’t going anywhere so you absolutely come back another day and buy. 

The price will be going up to £225 soon however so as long as you are aware of this.

Just check in with yourself and make yourself happy that it’s really not right for you right now and not a story you’re telling yourself to keep yourself safe again.

Our fear works in mysterious ways!

Not been rude, but why should I listen to you?

Not rude at all! I would want to know the same thing.

I’ve been in the coaching world since 2012 and started my business back in 2015 so I’ve not only seen how fear has effected my story but also countless others.

From friends, clients, fellow entrepreneurs and hundreds of accounts from books I’ve read, courses I’ve been on, stories I’ve listened to.

It all comes down to fear. I’ve suffered from anxiety my entire life and more recently post natal depression so I know how fear, worry and overwhelm can effect every aspect of your life.

But I also know how empowering it is to come out the other side and go after what you truly want.

So if that sounds like something you could work with, I’d love to have you join us!

What if I buy the course and decide it’s not for me?

Not everything is going to be for everybody. Hopefully by the time you’ve been through this page you’ll have a good idea of whether this is for you or not.

However, if you buy the course and decide it really isn’t your thing, then there is a 14 day money back guarantee.

All I ask is for your honest feedback as to what didn’t work for you so I can use this information to improve the experience for others going forwards.

How does it actually work?

I take you through a three step process of becoming crystal clear on where your fears lie (and therefore where the overwhelm feeling comes from), so you can work through these fears with techniques taught in the course and find clarity and confidence in both yourself and your business idea.

I then give you the tools to implement this going forwards as nobody wants a course that leaves you high and dry.

This clarity and confidence is what will propel you forwards with the deep down knowing of whether you are on the right track with your business.

You will start making decisions from a place of certainty rather than fear and clients will feel your conviction and be drawn to you (rather than smelling the fear and running a mile!).

I can see it’s worked for others, but what if I don’t believe it will work for me?

If you believe it wont work for you, it wont. The adage ‘I’ll see it when I believe it’ is true but that’s not to say that it will work just by believing in it. You have to actually implement the steps.

This story is your fear talking. The belief that somehow you’re the one that it won’t work for is to keep you safe. Because what if it really did work for you?

What if you did this course and you did work through your fears and you were able to start your business?

You can do this, you are worthy and there is no reason why it won’t work for you. Unless you believe it won’t!

 “ Such a great course!

I highly recommend to anyone in business who is seeking practical steps to move forward but is being held back by fear.”

– Donna Huddleston, Owner of TimeBack Virtual Assistant 

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I know we are all different. We all have different backgrounds, different stories and different beliefs.

 But our fears unite us. 

We all have them! But wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to work through them forever?

 To have tools which we could pull out whenever we need them in order to go after anything we wanted? 

You 100% deserve this and you are ready right now! 


“ Thank you for this awesome course 

What surprised me was how much value you managed to pack into such a short time – concise and effective.

I really enjoyed it and found it very useful. It was compact yet comprehensive and full of value.”

– Jean Jeanso