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Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are. 

― José Ortega y Gasset


When we feel trapped, fear can consume us. But having the freedom of choice is where our power lies.

>>> Freedom to feel what we feel but ultimately understand that we choose to feel the way we do.

>>> Freedom to have the space we need mentally and physically to be able to become who we deserve to be.

>>> Freedom from financial pressures so that we don’t react out of fear of lacking.

I want you to feel freedom too. To live the life that you truly want and have the
successful business that you know you’re destined for!

2. FUN

I will do just about anything for a good giggle!

Life’s just too short to not be having fun as we’re careering through it.

So I try to include as much fun into my work as I can so that we both enjoy it.

There’s a healthy dose of tongue in cheek, enough cursing for a truck driver to blush and just a bit too much piss take.

Because there’s no point in being a self help master if you’re boring AF!


I want my business to be a way to help those who don’t have the opportunities that we often take for granted.

So, I help women who have the freedom to choose to change so that we in turn can help those who don’t have this freedom.

Because when we get ourselves into a better place, we’re much more likely to help others out.

We can’t start bringing down the barriers in the world if we don’t bring our own mental barriers down first.

I talk a lot more about this >>> HERE