I was the woman who believed I would never actually succeed in my business...

Sound familiar? I mean, on a logical level I knew I desperately wanted to. I told myself I would. I put in all the 'right' strategies but then...nothing. No sales, no clients and certainly no feelings of success. It wasn't until I started doing the deep inner work that I had so carefully sidestepped for 7 years, that this all turned around.

I'm Laura — a certified therapist, ICF coach & neuroscientist. And, I help women believe they can succeed... and do!

It's taken me 7 years, 2 breakdowns, depression, anxiety & alcoholism to get here. But I have finally found the secret.
And it starts with reconnecting to yourself, integrating you as a whole, connecting to your purpose and your audience on a soul level and creating wholistic wealth. It's more than just money.

But it just never happens for them. It feels like there's this invisible wall that they can't get past and every time they try to step forward with their business, they bump into it again.

They're doing all the 'right' things, following all the 'must-do' strategies, posting at all the 'optimal' times...But hearing crickets.

I know because I was stuck in this cycle...FOR 9 YEARS!!!

I felt like I'd missed the boat. What-if I'd waited a few more years to have kids. What if I'd pushed my business harder back when it was all new and there wasn't so much competition. What if I'd done more on FB/ Instagram/ Youtube???

All the REGRETS. And my biggest drive in life is to make it to my death bed without any regrets. So this stung...

Someday I'll get my message out there...be consistent on social media...sell my services

But I've seen too many talented women stuck in 'someday I'll'... 

What I didn't realise, was all this had to happened for a reason.

They were lessons I needed to learn so I could really help you!

I had to work through the regret of not having 'made it' earlier so I could truly help others going through the same thing.

I had to 'fail' so that I could learn the difference between my true self and my hurt ego that was running the show so I could show others how to do the same.

And I had to witness depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts within me so I could find a way to never feel them again and help rise others up to greatness from despair too.

None of this would have been possible if I'd become successful earlier in my journey. And I'd have missed the most important lesson of all. My life's purpose.


A lot of deep soul searching leading to Resistance Release Therapy™


Launched an award winning, top ranking podcast in lockdown


Diagnosed with PND with hubby in Afghanistan. Completed an Ironman to help.


Second child born. General chaos of 2 under 2 ensues


Had first child in between coaching & finance businesses


Made redundant from
9-5 so started coaching business


Travelled the world (inc India, Africa, South America) whilst starting a Financial Consultancy

My Timeline

where I've been


Started training with the UK’s leading coach training organisation


I get to help women all over the world step into their power and create wholistic wealth


It's already within you. You just need to pull away enough layers of protection to discover it.
This is the glue that made it all stick together and make sense. Without this, things kept falling apart.
You can have it all, there is nothing different about you which means you can't succeed whilst others do. You just need to start believing in you!
If you think I'm the one to help you with this, I'm here for you.

You don't have to wait 9 years to find success

There is another way

Fast facts. . .

Countries travelled to






green teas a day


I'm obsessed with . . .

Morning: 1 hr run with Basil, 30 min HIIT session, 30 min meditation.
Daytime: WFPB diet & 2l water
Bedtime: Yoga & therapy session

for daily self care*

Sweet Magnolias, Emily in Paris, Designated Survivor, Dream Home Makeover, 24, Homeland

binging on netflix

Running with my labrador Basil, beautiful candles, pretty stationary, building my own DIY projects (Pintrest's fault!)

can't live without

* please note it's taken me years to build up to this. Start with one thing that makes you feel good. These all make me feel great so I do them because I love them, not because somebody else does them or told me to. Do what works for you and your situation. I couldn't have done this when the kids were younger or when I had depression. You do you.


"I will always be grateful and would say to anyone thinking of working with Laura - just go for it, you will be so glad you did!" 

"Laura has been a powerhouse of motivation..."

Maj, Empowerment Coach

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